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keeping organic waste out of landfill will help pave the way towards a more sustainable future in commercial kitchens and catering”

John Hogarth, BiobiN Technologies ®

Who uses Biobin®?

BiobiN® can be used in any situation where organic/wet material needs to be disposed of.

Food and Organic Scraps


Meat Processing and Other puterecible wastes


Fast Food Outlets


Who uses Biobin®?

BiobiN® can be used in any situation where organic/wet material needs to be disposed of.


Organic Materials


Newspapers, cardboard and other papers


Shopping Centres

Waste management at the 2011 Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW

The LGSA Conference for 2011 was held in Nowra at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre from Sunday 23rd October to Wednesday 26th October. Approximately 600 delegates from across NSW plus staff from 60 trade displays attended the event.

The conference was an opportunity to put in place best practise event waste management for both front of house facilities and back of house kitchen and food preparation areas. Resourcefull Recycling in partnership with Green Connect were engaged to manage waste for the conference. The aim was to maximise the recovery of resources and minimise waste to landfill.

The waste collected was divided into four streams:-
1. Landfill waste
2. Paper and cardboard
3. Mixed recycling – bottles, cans and plastic containers
4. Organic – Food and other compostable material

In order to assist in reducing waste to landfill, compostable paper plates, corn starch knives and forks were used as well as compostable paper cups, biodegradable plastic cups and recyclable plastic cups.

An onsite aerated compost system was supplied by “BiobiN” to compost these material plus all food preparation and residual food waste.

The results from the LGSA Conference

What waste was sent where;
Landfill                      3500 litres
Mixed recycling     3720 litres
Cardboard               7590 litres
Food & organics    4440 litres

Total waste   19250 litrtes
% recycled    82%
% to landfill   18%

The BiobiN with LGSA Conference contents arriving to be composted

Remote Location

Warraber Island

BiobiN® is being used on the remote island or Warraber to manage the organic materials generated from community food waste and green organics.

The custom built BiobiN® used on the island has been fitted with a tipping mechanism specifically designed for the use with a fork lift. The BiobiN® is maintained by staff, and the resulting compost is used in home and public gardens across the island.

Adelaide Oval

Serves Up Nutrient Rich Compost

Food scraps and organic material from on-site food preparation and catering areas at the Adelaide Oval will find a new use as nutrient rich compost, thanks to a closed system recycling program supported by BASF, the world’s leading chemical company.

The program, a cooperative effort between BASF, Compost Australia and BiobiN® Technologies, is an innovative approach to resource recovery and the first of its kind at Australia’s iconic Adelaide Oval.

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