Can the end product from the BiobiN® be used without further processing? I understand the answer to this is “no” – large pieces such as bones need to be removed as well as any inorganic matter that has been added to the bin (by mistake or carelessness), but are there any other reasons? Aside from removal of large or inorganic pieces, is the end product otherwise suitable for agricultural use?


As a general rule of thumb, no.  The material can be processed in the BiobiN® for another 4 weeks minimum to get it through to a further stage of completion IF It was loaded correctly through the fill process, HOWEVER this still does not guarantee complete pasteurization of the material.

We ALWAYS recommend emptying all the contents into a controlled area, especially if it is animal waste, and checking moisture and contaminants before then turning the material to heat it up (>55 degrees + time) before reuse anywhere. BiobiN® will always develop a procedure in conjunction with the customer to ensure the best possible outcome for the reuse of material.