Frequently asked questions

Does the BiobiN smell?
The simple answer to this questions is no, the BiobiN doesn’t smell. As long as the simple housekeeping rules are followed;
1.    Manage your wet:dry ratio’s.
2.    Don’t leave the lid open
3.    Undertake routine checks

Where does the collected material go?
The organic material will usually go to an organic recycling facility. Here, it will be processed into quality compost and mulch products…in fact, it will most likely end up in a garden vegetable patch or growing vegetables you will buy at the supermarket.
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How often will the BiobiN® be emptied?
The idea of the BiobiN® is that it commences processing on site and only requires to be emptied when it’s full - which maximises transport efficiencies. This time frame can vary between locations and uses, and can be as often as every week or as long as a year.  Your BiobiN technologist can determine when yours will need emptying.
Estimated Fill rates for BiobiN


How much space do I need?

BiobiN 4.5 cubic metre minimum clearance layout plan


BiobiN 9 cubic metre minimum clearance layout plan


arrow BiobiN provides a clean green, economic and biosecure management solution for mortalities. The unique aeration and biofiltration system means we can biosecurely store mortalities on site and the BiobiN gets the temperature up to 55 degrees, which effectively manages odour and pathogen control.

Operations Manager, Southern Barramundi