For remote and isolated areas, self-maintained systems are available that allow you to compost and empty your own bins. A fork lift is all you need to manage your organic/wet material efficiently and safely. Offgrid power options can be included such as solar or generators.

Warraber Island

BiobiN® is being used on the remote island or Warraber to manage the organic materials generated from community food waste and green organics.


The custom built BiobiN® used on the island has been fitted with a tipping mechanism specifically designed for the use with a fork lift. The BiobiN® is maintained by staff, and the resulting compost is used in home and public gardens across the island.


Read more about the BiobiN® Warraber Island here



arrow "the ability to use the BiobiN on Warraber Island has helped with the management of pathogens and vermin from organic materials"

Peter Wadewitz, BiobiN Technologies Pty Ltd



Warraber Island