Which BiobiN® is right for my operation?


Three sizes of BiobiN® are available: 4.5m3 and 9m3 as serviced options, 2.0m3 for self service locations.

Serviced customer solutions

This option is best suited for the collection and  removal of organic and wet materials. Reducing transport costs and number of bins

Remote solutions & self service

The 2.0FTM model is designed to be serviced by a single operator with a forklift (2.5 Tonne) or similar vehicle. When full, the BiobiN® can be serviced and contents emptied at a suitable site for the completion of the composting process. Alternatively, the process can be completed in any size vessel to produce a ready to apply compost straight from the BiobiN®. PV option available.

So what size will you need?

Talk to a BiobiN® engineer to determine the size that’s right for you. The amount of organic/wet material you produce on a monthly basis and the space available for BiobiN® onsite, will be taken into consideration to find the right fit for your business.

Download our BiobiN® estimated Fill Rates Chart

arrow "Out of all our waste saving initiatives, the BiobiN® has made the greatest impact on our waste disposal – it has reduced our waste collection by 14 bulk bin removals per week"

Richard Phillips, Chief Engineer
Noosa Sheraton, Queensland



Noosa Sheraton